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Learn Spanish with a close and personal treatment

I am Adelina, I graduated in Spanish Philology with more than 20 years of teaching experience teaching Spanish to foreigners both in person and online.

Spanish teacher for foreigners online

After more than 5 years teaching classroom Spanish lessons in London (UK) and 5 years of online teaching experience in Osaka (Japan), in 2009 I founded Linguaintensa, and since then teach courses in Spanish for foreigners online in a personalized, close, and passionate way .

Innovative method

Learned in Japan and combined with my teaching experience in England and Spain.

Classes "face to face"

In real time, fills you with motivation to enjoy learning and Latin American culture.


Experienced teacher

Graduated with a degree in Hispanic Studies from the University of Málaga, with more than 20 years of teaching experience.

Customized training

Adapts to the needs of the student, in a live process, whatever your level of knowledge of the Spanish language.

Areas of expertise

To facilitate the learning of the Spanish language, I have been perfecting my teaching techniques throughout my career. From this, both my students, and myself, have benefited; both parties actively participating in the process of teaching and learning. Also, part of my teaching success lies in my passion and motivation for teaching and transmitting my knowledge in a fun and lighthearted way, with energy and passion, offering confidence and a calm environment.

Degree in Spanish Philology

I graduated in Hispanic Studies from the University of Málaga, with over twenty-years of experience teaching Spanish abroad. I have taught in different countries like England, Japan, and Spain.

Training and learning every day

In reality, I continue my education and learning every day about the wonderful teaching-learning process in order to progress, caring for each activity and understanding what works with each student.

Experience abroad

My experience abroad has given me a different view on educational methods, other approachs to teaching, and an approach to the cultural differenes of students.

Motivation to teach

To teach Spanish online is my primary motivation; the spark, the energy transmitted. I think that's what makes some of my students remain in Linguaintensa learning Spanish online for several consecutive years.

10,000 classes in Japan

Japan has been a key country in my overall perception of understanding life. I taught about 10 000 classes in Osaka (Japan), which I enjoyed throughly and student satisfaction was evident.

Positive climate for students

Such motivation, creates a positive climate in which students gain confidence and rush to speak Spanish without fear, to make learning possible. This is probably my greatest distinction and part of my success.

Foreign students who learned Spanish online

On Linguaintensa we have students of all nationalities: Americans and British, Japanese, Russian ... Any foreigner can learn Spanish online, wherever you are.

Your Spanish teacher for foreigners online

Being licensed in Spanish Philology be allowed me to teach Spanish for more than 20 years in countries like England, Japan, and Spain. This experience has allowed me to encounter different learning strategies and methods of teaching so that on Linguaintensa students can learn my Spanish for foreigners online with a different view.


(+34) 692 961 146


(+34) 692 961 146