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Whatever your level or your knowledge of the language, you can take online Spanish classes in line with your expectations or goals, with individual attention, ability to track your progress, and flexible schedules. Want to know what your level of Spanish is?

Why choose online Spanish classes on Linguaintensa?

Our method provides and activates the confidence of our students, serving as an essential tool to acquire new knowledge. The most important aspect in the online Spanish classes on Linguaintensa is the involvement and satisfaction of students. We inform students of their progress and encourage them to participate actively in the teaching-learning process. Do you dare to try a different, fun, and lively class?

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Try a free online Spanish class without commitment, before starting any course.

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Without having to pay tuition or wait for a course to start. Any day is good to start.


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Enjoy a free practical manual to check vocabulary, grammar and activities.

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Get a discount of 20% for introducing a new student to the school.

"To learn a language is to have a bigger window from which to observe the world"

(Chinese proverb)

Choose the online Spanish course that best suits your learning style.

We have 6 levels of Spanish in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). We have a special sensitivity to absolute beginners. We encourage you to relax and enjoy the adventure of learning Spanish online without fear. We also find our success in advanced courses gratifying and encouraging, classes in which students feel they can jump freely to use Spanish idioms and expressions. Each class lasts 60 minutes (one hour). The schedule is flexible and depends on the availability of teacher and student.

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Students who have taken my Spanish classes

I have given a large number of Spanish classes online and in person throughout my teaching career. I have had the pleasure of having wonderful people as pupils, from different countries, such as the United States, Russia, Japan, England, Germany, Ukraine, Finland, Denmark, Palestine, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Austria, China, and Romania. They have all learned and enjoyed the Spanish classes, both in classroom or online, which fills me with great satisfaction.

Need some Spanish classes online?

If you are thinking of taking Spanish classes online, do not hesitate. Do it! I'm sure you'll like the learning experience, and you'll love being able to check your progress on a daily basis. Contact me and ask for a free class.


(+34) 692 961 146


(+34) 692 961 146