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Whatever your level or your knowledge of the language, you can take online Spanish classes in line with your expectations or goals, with individual attention, ability to track your progress, and flexible schedules. Want to know what your level of Spanish is?

Why choose online Spanish classes on Linguaintensa?

Our method provides and activates the confidence of our students, serving as an essential tool to acquire new knowledge. The most important aspect in the online Spanish classes on Linguaintensa is the involvement and satisfaction of students. We inform students of their progress and encourage them to participate actively in the teaching-learning process. Do you dare to try a different, fun, and lively class?

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"To learn a language is to have a bigger window from which to observe the world"

(Chinese proverb)

Choose the online Spanish course that best suits your learning style.

We have 6 levels of Spanish in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). We have a special sensitivity to absolute beginners. We encourage you to relax and enjoy the adventure of learning Spanish online without fear. We also find our success in advanced courses gratifying and encouraging, classes in which students feel they can jump freely to use Spanish idioms and expressions. Each class lasts 60 minutes (one hour). The schedule is flexible and depends on the availability of teacher and student.


Our method is to use the Spanish language from the outset as children do. We use what is called the "Natural Method", in which oral skills are developed to learn to deal with everyday and "real" situations, like life itself, through our role-plays and interactive practices.
Similarly, we will teach you a fresh, natural and current form of Spanish, always approaching the normal, everyday conversation of Spanish speakers.
We will have "face to face" classes in real time, with a personal teacher, graduated from the University of Málaga, with over twenty years of teaching experience.


You can become familiar with our methodology through the free online Spanish class on Linguaintensa. From that moment, you will be assigned a level and advance and progress step by step, improving mental agility and fluency to improve your confidence to speak fluently in Spanish with ease. Your daily progress will motivate you to continue studying. To start a course and learn both the method and the functioning of classes, you can choose between the following options:








185 €



440 €



800 €



You can become familiar with our methodology through the free online Spanish class on Linguaintensa. In this section we have two types of courses:

1. Intensive (10 hours per week)

€ 139 PER WEEK

2. Super intensive (20 hours per week)

€ 260 PER WEEK


These courses will make you get the most out of learning, providing greater familiarity with the Spanish language and culture and will help you to "think in Spanish" in the shortest time possible. You will see your progress every day, increasing your mental agility and fluency in Spanish, which will motivate you to continue studying. If you have specific needs that force you to learn quickly, either course is suitable for you.


You can become familiar with our methodology through the free online Spanish class on Linguaintensa. A portion of our students are over 70 years-old. This approach to learning -- which is slower, more relaxed, stress-free, and employs extensive positive reinforcement and confidence boosting -- is one of the keys to successful "alternative" online Spanish courses from Linguaintensa. For these reasons, and for the Certificate in Special Needs held by the teacher, accredited by the University of Roehampton (London), we challenge people with anxiety in Spanish, whatever your age or special needs, to learn in a more leisurely way without haste and with great gratification.
To choose the type of course that interests you, look at the options of standard or intensive course.


You can become familiar with our methodology through the free online Spanish class on Linguaintensa. This Spanish course is designed for students to interact with others and thus get a good performance of the language. It is convenient as students have similar language levels. To form a group, a minimum of two and a maximum of three people would be required. These courses are subject to availability because there are not always people interested in learning in a group or that fit the same language level.
To choose the course that interests you, you can see the options of standard or intensive course.


The schedules of online Spanish courses on Linguaintensa are quite flexible. Each class lasts 60 minutes. Regular schedule of classes is Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 18:00. For people with little time, by agreement with the teacher, you can extend the hours from 18:00 to 21:00.

Remember, we use the Spanish schedule for our classes.

From: 99,00 


Intensive Course

From: 139,00 


Students who have taken my Spanish classes

I have given a large number of Spanish classes online and in person throughout my teaching career. I have had the pleasure of having wonderful people as pupils, from different countries, such as the United States, Russia, Japan, England, Germany, Ukraine, Finland, Denmark, Palestine, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Austria, China, and Romania. They have all learned and enjoyed the Spanish classes, both in classroom or online, which fills me with great satisfaction.

Keiko Kubota


Hello, fellow Spanish students! There are a variety of reasons for learning Spanish. At the same time, there are various ways to study. For my part I have chosen LINGUAINTENSA. I spent more than four years learning Spanish online at this school. I think the most important thing is to find highly qualified teachers who respect their native tongue, have a flexible mentality, and positively accepts the doubts of students. I like the teaching methods of LINGUAINTENSA. The teacher is full of enthusiasm and always helps me reach a solution without hesitation whenever I have questions. Responds to my expectations. In addition, it is fun to talk directly with a person who lives in Malaga (Spain) while I am in Japan, a country that is far from hers. Taking advantage of this environment, I would like to improve my Spanish. "Better to try a class once than to have intended to a hundred times." Do not you want to try a free class?

Frances Brazier

Norfolk, UK

Adelina Sánchez Padilla, of the Linguaintensa school is an excellent Spanish teacher, that soon also becomes your friend.
I have had many Spanish teachers who asked me to buy a very expensive grammar book that we work with for one or two classes and never use again. With Adelina, we have books we read in class. They are written especially for people learning Spanish. If you want to learn Spanish, I strongly recommend Linguaintensa.

Need some Spanish classes online?

If you are thinking of taking Spanish classes online, do not hesitate. Do it! I'm sure you'll like the learning experience, and you'll love being able to check your progress on a daily basis. Contact me and ask for a free class.


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(+34) 692 961 146