Learn Spanish online from home: it is possible


Want to learn Spanish online? On Linguaintensa we are specialists in teaching Spanish. From home or work. Flexible schedules.

How I can help you learn Spanish online?

Linguaintensa is a Spanish language school that offers an effective and innovative method based on conversation conducted via videoconference.

Natural method

Learn like a child, through images, visual resources and using Spanish from the start. Enhances oral dexterity to manage in everyday situations.

Personalized attention

Teacher with over 20 years of teaching experience that fits the student's needs, whether you are a beginner, advanced, or more than 50 years-old.

Flexible schedule

Learn Spanish without leaving your house, choosing your own schedule. With your computer, tablet, or mobile phone you can enjoy learning anywhere in the world.

Learning Spanish online has never been easier

You decide when, where, and how often you have classes. During the classes we will work with real-life situations so that you can immediately put into practice what you learned. We will combine different aspects of language learning, drawing on traditional resources and new technologies, to facilitate the assimilation of new concepts.

  • Standard online Spanish course

    It is the best choice for absolute beginners who want to start studying Spanish from the basics.

  • Intensive online Spanish course

    If you have specific needs that force you to learn quickly, this is your course.

  • Online Spanish course for those over 50 years-old

    A slower, calmer, stress-free approach to learning with a lot of positive reinforcement.

  • Online Spanish course for groups

    Designed for group interaction in order to facilitate a good performance of the language.

They learned Spanish online on Linguaintensa

Any student of any nationality can learn Spanish online on Linguaintensa! Most students on Linguaintensa come from the United States, Russia, Japan and, the United Kingdom. But all are welcome!

Want to learn Spanish online?

Through a program specifically designed for online classes, Linguaintensa offers tailor-made courses. Request information without obligation.


(+34) 692 961 146


(+34) 692 961 146