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Spanish classes are adapted for people over 16 years-old who want to learn or improve their Spanish at their own pace.

You'll become familiar with the platform and methods of Linguaintensa through the free class. To do so, please fill in and send the form with the date and time required and you will receive an e-mail confirming this data.

If you already know which course best suits you, you just have to choose the course you prefer and proceed to payment.
If you are not sure which course to choose, the most effective way is to go to the website's Contact page and fill out the form to try a free Spanish class. During class we can clarify your doubts and choose the course that best suits you, according to your level and language goals.
If in doubt, you can always contact Linguaintensa via e-mail or WhatsApp.


WhatsApp: (+34) 692961146

Skype: Linguaintensa

We use an innovative method called the "Natural Method," learning the same way as a child. You'll use the Spanish language from the very beginning, and I will focus mainly on oral communication. You will have visual and acoustic incentives that will animate the course of your classes. These incentives are not arbitrary, but are designed to help you memorize the new vocabulary and concepts more effectively. The aim is to develop your confidence and motivation so that you feel comfortable and have fun learning.

To find out what a real Spanish class online is like, the best option is to try a free class by completing the form on the Linguaintensa website. In this class you can dive deeper into a learning adventure and experience how the method and Spanish classes on Linguaintensa works. And you can resolve all doubts with the teacher.

You can mention your estimated level before the free class and, at the time of the class, adapt to your level, assess your language skills, vocabulary, comprehension, and overall fluency in Spanish.

A regular and constant attendance to class will favor your progress in Spanish.

Taking at least two or three classes a week will give you the certainty and confidence to face a large number of everyday situations in Spanish.

If for any reason you decide to cancel a lesson, you can do so up to 24 hours before class. After this time the class will by taught as normal.

Just tell your friends about us and remind them to name the person who recommended them when they sign up. Then you'll get a secret code so you can receive a 20% discount at the time of payment of the following bonus.


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Linguaintensa is a Spanish language school that offers an effective and innovative method based on conversation, conducted via videoconference. Request information without obligation.


(+34) 692 961 146


(+34) 692 961 146