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Take advantage of our FREE Demo, we will assess your linguistic level and you will be ready to start the learning process in which you will benefit from all our initial promotions.

The duration of the lessons is 60 minutes. The normal price of one lesson is 25 euros however, you can have advantage of our opening discounts. The discount will stay only for 6 months. CONSIDER TAKING THIS OUT AS IT MAY PEOPLE SIGN UP QUICKER. Maybe put hurry... This is for limited time only!!! There are 6 different packages available. Simply click on the button for the course of your choice. Here you are a list of our promotion prices:

1* 5 LESSONS: 99 EUROS. Lesson: 19.8€

2* 10 LESSONS: 185 EUROS. Lesson: 18.5€

3* 25 LESSONS: 440 EUROS. Lesson: 17.5€

4* 50 LESSONS: 800 EUROS. Lesson: 16€

5* 100 LESSONS: 1475 EUROS. Lesson: 14.5€

6* 200 LESSONS: 2700 EUROS. Lesson: 13.5 €

* The promotion 1*, 2* y 3* must be used within three months, after the inscription date.
* The promotion 4* must be used within six months, after the inscription date
* The promotion 5* must be used within one year, after the inscription date
* The promotion 6* must be used within one and a half year, after the inscription date

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